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years ago
Pacific Coastal to serve Sandspit during Olympics
January 22, 2010 3:29 PM
Pacific Coastal Airlines is confirming that despite its best efforts to lobby the Integrated Security Unit of the RCMP to provide interim passenger screening at the Masset airport during the Olympic Games, it will continue to provide service to Haida Gwaii by operating its Masset flights via Sandspit.
Passengers travelling from January 29 to March 3 will be offered the option to travel to/from either Masset or Sandspit. Pacific Coastal's flight will operate non-stop from Vancouver to Masset and continue on to Sandspit where Masset-originating passengers will disembark and complete preboard security screening. The flight will then continue on to Vancouver.
Islanders will have the unique opportunity to fly from Masset to Sandspit during this period and Pacific Coastal is offering one-way flights starting at $39. Flight and check-in times have been adjusted to reflect the interim Sandspit operation.
"We're very disappointed that the ISU was unable to find a means to resolve this issue in favour of Masset residents and provide interim security screening at the Masset Airport for the duration of the airspace restriction," said Pacific Coastal President Quentin Smith. "Nevertheless, we are committed to serving our loyal Customers of Haida Gwaii and despite the significant increase in cost to our operation, suspending service to the region, which was our only alternative during this important time in our Province's history, was not an option".
Pacific Coastal has been serving Masset since 2005.

published on January 22, 2010 3:29 PM