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years ago
Barge should go, says neighbour
May 7, 2010 4:42 PM
At least one Queen Charlotte resident wants the old barge grounded on the foreshore near Charlotte Tire gone.
Dan Kendall approached the Village of Queen Charlotte about getting rid of the wreck, said chief administrative officer Bill Beamish at the May 3 meeting.
Mr. Beamish said the barge is not the village's jurisdiction, but finding out whose it is was not straightforward.
Tyler Peet, integrated operations manager at the Ministry of Forests office, said if the barge is not an environmental hazard, blocking a navigable waterway, and the owner cannot be found, then the matter is referred to the Receiver of Wrecks, a Transport Canada officer.
His staff's initial research has determined that Transport Canada may be willing to contribute some money and initial conversations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada have indicated it could contribute something as well.
Mr. Peet said it's not a done deal, but multiple agencies have indicated they support the idea of having it removed.
Meanwhile, at Queen Charlotte council, one councillor opposed the removal of the barge.
"It's a beautiful part of the community. I don't want to see it go," said Councillor Kris Olsen.
Mayor Carol Kulesha noted the barge is a potential accident site, or has the potential to burn.
But there are over 100 similar wrecks in BC and none of them are easy to deal with, said Mr. Beamish.
"It is affecting one property owner who feels it is a nuisance against his property," said Mr. Beamish.
Mr. Kendall indicated to the village that he has the equipment needed to deconstruct the barge and is willing to put effort towards that.
Initially Mr. Kendall asked about burning it, said Mr. Beamish, but as there is creosote in the wood, he was told no.
"That would not be good for the air quality," Mr. Beamish said.
Another option would be to deconstruct the barge and take it to the dump in Port Clements.

published on May 7, 2010 4:42 PM